Wedding planner Dahlia, Wedding Co-ordinator


Wedding planner Dahlia, Wedding Co-ordinator

Dear Love Birds,

From low key and intimate to the grandest of celebrations, I have had the honour of being a wedding co-ordinator in both exotic locations & in award winning UK hotels. Each and every one has its own special place in my heart, as every couple is individual.

Wherever you are, I will work considerately with you to help bring to life the vision of your perfect wedding day.

My passion for planning began as a young girl, taking great delight in preparing for parties and events; this eventually grew into my career. I always loved old movies; the glamour, romance, and wonder which is similar to a wedding day.
I love to see couples dreams come true and I would be delighted to help you accomplish your ambition.

As a professional perfectionist, organising is what I love to do and do best.
I spent many years living in Dubai and it was from here that I planned my own wedding back in the UK while working in the hospitality industry. I could have had a sun drenched beach wedding on the sands of the Gulf but my family came first and so I decided to marry in England.

This challenging experience inspired my decision to launch Dahlia Hill Weddings, helping couples in similar situations enjoy their dream day, without the nightmare of all the stress.

After returning to the UK and whilst working at the five red star hotel Chewton Glen, I encountered many couples who came from overseas or lived away from their family home who required my experience and assistance.

So whether you live across the seas or on my doorstep in Hampshire, Dahlia Hill Weddings makes dreams come true.
As well as being your very own Fairy Godmother, I can be your confidant, your kindest critic, a surrogate sister, a friend – whatever you need, I’m here to make sure everything goes perfectly to plan and listen carefully.

I can’t wait to discuss how you see your big day and how I may help you reach those aspirations. I look forward to meeting you soon.


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